Monday, January 17, 2011

Useful One Liner scripts for WAS Administrator

Useful One Liner scripts for WAS Administrator:-

1. AdminTask.reportConfiguredPorts() : Lists every server in your cell. Shows all the ports each server uses
2. AdminTask.reportConfigInconsistencies() : Checks the configuation repository and reports any structural inconsistencies
3. AdminApp.list() : Lists every application installed in your cell
4, AdminApp.view( 'appName' ) : Replace appName with one of the names returned by AdminApp.list(). The name must be surrounded by quotes
6. AdminTask.generateSecConfigReport() : Shows every setting related to security in your entire cell. Shows the current value of the setting. Shows the menu path through the Admin Console to that setting. The printout is a little confusing at first, but it is very useful once you get used to reading it.
7. AdminTask.createApplicationServer('Node1', '[-name serverNode1 ]') : Creates a new application server called "serverNode1" in a node called "Node1"

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