Monday, January 17, 2011


To all those people who are using information from my blog.I want to update you all that from now I will be adding BuildForge and RAFW information in this blog.

Build Forge and RAFW comes under IBM Rational Tools.Build Forge is used to integrate Build and Deployment , and can be used as integration tools which integrate all the components in SDLC.

RAFW is Rational Automation framework for Websphere and is part of Build Forge.It is a automate tools which automate WAS/WP/WESB/WVE Installation,configuration and Administration tasks and you don't have to maintain any scripts it comes with all the scripts.

Please keep on checking new update as I will be explaining more on these tools in future.


  1. Hi charanhjeet
    I am new websphere and rafw.
    can u please provide me a complete description of how rafw will work. And can u explain me each step after importing a profile in to rafw wizard. for example after importing the profile we will build projects, library ...etc. I badly need help. My current project is on rafw only.
    My job is to work on rafw.

  2. Hi Charanjeet Singh -

    Nice to see your puts here online - Could you please upload some more information about the RAFW/BuildForge as I have to use that for my next project.

    Thank you in advance

  3. Build Forge is capable of working with much more than RAF and Websphere. At my shop, we are starting to use if for all scriptable processes with compliance or auditing requirements. I have a blog dedicated solely to Build Forge, to which you are welcome to cross-post. The URL is