Monday, November 9, 2009

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

MOM 2005 provides comprehensive event and performance management, proactive monitoring and alerting, reporting and trend analysis, and system and application specific knowledge and tasks to improve the manageability of Windows-based servers and applications.
MOM 2005 Features Overview

The following are features of MOM 2005.


MOM implements a security model that enables staff and components to work with accounts that have lower privilege levels.

Speed and ease of deployment

By combining using automation and wizards it is possible, depending on the scale of the deployment, to deploy MOM in a matter of hours, rather than weeks.

Low bandwidth or un-reliable networks

MOMs use of agents ensures that data collection on managed entities continues even if there is a temporary network outage.

Extended problem diagnostics

Because MOM retains operational data in its own database, analysts have a longer time to engage in diagnostics.

Data volume

MOMs multiple views, refined health model, and intelligent monitoring enable customers to filter and reduce large volumes of alert data.

Flexible, robust, and secure reporting

MOM Reporting uses Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services to support long term storage, report customization, dynamic reports, data exports, auditing, planning, and report security.

High availability

MOMs management model enables you to add management servers so you can implement failover to eliminate a single point of failure.


MOM design is such that you can manage thousands of entities.

High level of integration

MOM provides the MOM Connector Framework (MCF) and extensible APIs that enable you to integrate MOM with virtually any kind of management system or application.

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