Friday, November 11, 2011

WebSphere Automation Tool

All I am starting to work on creating automation tool for websphere Application server , I did created one before also but it lacked some featue, So I am planning to start again. I will be utilizing Jython , Ant and xml scripting and want to make it so that anyone can manager WAS using this tool and It will be available for free download. I am also planning to put GUI interface to it using jython/swing and php.

Please let me know what you would like to be added , any sugestion will be added in the tool and how you want me design GUI for the tool.Please email me any comments on This tool will be available to download on websphere user group and once done I will open source it and will be public.


  1. Awesome ..
    If possible please share a screenshot of your preferred GUI model.

    Thanks for all your good work and efforts.

  2. I will .. Right now I have not reached that point .

  3. I am trying to understand the function of the tool, I know its automated but is it

    1) going to create and deploy resources on the server.
    2) is it going to monitor resources.
    3) is it going to gather performance stats.

    I know these are broad functions was trying to understand the scope.

    But those features would be nice,


    4) is it possible to

  4. yes it will do the install , deploy application and configure most of the resource although it wont do all at one time as to include all these functionality it will take time I will do it as time goes.

    But definitely, I can include stuff to monitor resources and gather performance data.I missed it , yes I will work these also, that's why I need input from everybody so that I make it better and do it the way everyone wants.

    One more thing how would you or everyone wants the tool to work.
    To run scripts from one server which manages all WAS servers or for each environment it manages its node and servers from DM and run from there.

  5. Please can you share tool.. eagerly waiting..

  6. It should deploy Applications in realtime, start/ stop jvm's nodeagents, dmgr etc...

    View of logs in realtime easily.

    most possible error causes in HELP Mode.

  7. This tool would be of great help. Eargerly waiting.. will check back soon...

  8. please concentrate on troubleshooting please. i wish you bring a unique product which help admin to manage his jobeasily.

    All the best friend

  9. Please share the tool link so that I can use in my project.